Multiple and Complex Needs Intervention (MACNI)

We help your child take part in every area of their life to the best of their ability and to help them to become more independent and skilled in these areas.

What is MACNI?

MACNI stands for Multiple and Complex Needs Intervention

MACNI is an approach to providing services related to Speech, OT and Psychology in a way that is accessible to those with Multiple and Complex Needs.

The program operates from a developmental model and is personalised for each child depending on their interests and goals.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to participate in MaCNI sessions to build their capacity to relate and interact with the children in their care.

Our clinicians are trained in using a developmental model of skill building as well as methods of interacting with children who may be difficult to engage.

Children who participate in MaCNI will be given opportunities to develop the Foundations of Communication including:

  • Joint attention
  • Communicative intent
  • Showing interest in and relating to others
  • Turn taking
  • Facial expression
  • Emotional states
  • Social connection
  • Co-regulation

Once the Foundations of Communication are established children work on areas of:

  • Social interaction
  • Imaginative play
  • Emotional awareness
  • Self-regulation

Our MACNI program assists children in gaining skills that will be enable them to can communicate effectively, relate to others socially, and think imaginatively.

Goals are created for children based on their individual developmental stage of emotional regulation, social connection and communication.