Bachelor of Health Sciences,
Master of Dietetic Practice

Kimberly is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with a passion for helping children (and their families) manage feeding issues and facilitate positive relationships with food.

Kimberly draws on a number of evidence-based approaches to tackle feeding issues and tailors her approach to what works best for your child and your family.

As both a paediatric and adult Dietitian, Kimberly is able to help with a range of nutritional concerns to ensure you or your child receive the nutrition you need.

Kimberly practices through a Non-Diet lens where weight and restrictive eating (dieting) are not the focus. This approach accepts and respects body diversity and focuses on internal body cues (like hunger and fullness), self-care and a positive relationship towards oneself and food to help form healthy lifestyle habits.

Kimberly can help with:

–Fussy/picky eating – utilising the SOS (Sensory Oral Sequential) Approach to Eating, Steps+ Approach, Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility, SENSE-ational mealtimes and others.

–Children’s Health – e.g. failure to thrive, introduction of solids to infants and new foods to young children.

–Nutrient deficiencies.

–Food allergies and intolerances e.g. FODMAPS, lactose and fructose intolerance.

–Gastrointestinal disorders – e.g. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Coeliac disease.

–Management of chronic diseases – e.g. diabetes and cardiac conditions.

Kimberly works Monday and Wednesday-Friday from our Hoppers Crossing clinic.

Kimberly is currently providing Telehealth sessions with focusing on working with and supporting parents to implement strategies at home.