Feeding Therapy

Making mealtimes less stressful

We have a holistic approach to assessing children’s feeding difficulties as there are many factors that can be contributing to issues with food. Our goal is to identify these key factors that affect your child’s eating and help them and your family with how to best improve their relationship with food, cope with sensory aversions and develop healthy eating habits. We offer a

We offer the SOS (Sequential-Oral-Sensory) Approach to Feeding program to help children from 0-10 years who find mealtimes and eating a variety of foods challenging. This can include being upset and anxious around meal times, preferring foods certain ways, excluding food groups or eating a very limited amount of foods. Children can also have issues with certain food groups such as ‘crunchy food’ or only prefer certain textures or colours of food. Some children can be under weight or over weight depending and suffer from nutritional deficiencies depending on their restricted eating patterns.

Our dietitian provides one-on-one consultations and accept referrals from GPs, specialists, private paying patients and the NDIS.

We also provide group sessions, school holiday social groups and workshops with our team.

If you would like more information about the different options for our feeding programs, please call or email the clinic.