Dr Aaron Verty,

M.A. Psychology, PhD (Neuroscience)

Change for Life was co-founded by Dr Aaron Verty who is a trained neuroscientist. He is a recipient of the National Health and Medical Research Council’s C.J. Martin and Peter Doherty Fellowships. He believes in the applied use of scientific principles in clinical practice. He grew up with a speech impairment and has a lived experience of challenges that now motivate him to advocate for Early Intervention for children with additional needs. He is passionate about equal educational and social opportunity for children and adults with visible and invisible disabilities. Growing up in India, he experienced an educational and social system for over two decades that lacked a focus on supporting children with additional needs and their emotional and mental wellbeing, at the time.

Change for Life has evolved with his simple belief that every child deserves a chance to succeed, every child can achieve their potential with the right support, and we can all work together to make this happen. Through his work at Change for Life, Aaron aims to make a real difference by developing sustainable and outcome driven models. He is focused on cost effectiveness and building on available community resources especially for vulnerable and poor families from disadvantaged backgrounds. He steers projects with a high social impact that aim to get better results faster for all involved. Aaron’s vision is partnering with individuals, families, organisations, and the wider community to pool resources from diverse multicultural groups and implement transformative ideas into life-changing action.