ABA Therapy

ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) is an evidence based behavioural program for intensive therapy and has 40 years of rigorous research to prove its effectiveness is treating autism. ABA is ideally suited to children between the ages of two to eight, and no later than the age of twelve.

We focus on designing and implementing programs with curriculums suited to preverbal or children with significant language delays in very young and young children up to preschool age (i.e., developmental ages up to five for ASD, Level 3). Our key goal is assessing daily living skills, language and communication, and occupational needs based on the principles of applied behaviour analysis.

Our curriculum includes critical training for:

  • Increasing play skills
  • Reducing self-stimulatory behaviour
  • Expanding communication
  • Increasing social interactions
  • Building interactive relationships
  • Increase adaptive responses to sensory input
  • Developing imitation and symbolic play
  • Requesting and two way communication
  • Ability to generalise skills that are critical for every day functioning and reduce impact of disability on family, educators, and increase independence
  • Improving emotional regulation
  • Developing emotional reciprocity and an internal locus of control at every level of functioning

A unique advantages of our ABA curriculum is a multidisciplinary team with psychology, speech pathology, and occupational therapy. Our programs are outcome based and rigorously reviewed to include all areas of adaptive living skills. The ABA curriculum is designed by Dr Malini Singh, who has been working in the field since 1996. She is a passionate advocate for children and adults with a visible and invisible disability to have social inclusion in their schooling and wider community.

We have a selective Intake process for families suited to our programs and all information is provided as per each child and families’ needs. We assist with NDIS funding applications, reviews, and aim to simplify these processes and documentation for families to the best of our ability.

Please contact us for further information in regard to our unique ABA curriculum and how we can help you and your child.